You will not be disappointed! Our bi-color sweet corn is one WITHOUT EQUAL! One taste and friends and family will be asking,

“Where’d you get it!? It’s the best I’ve ever had.”


Its rich and tender kernels have an amazingly long shelf life—3 weeks in its husk in the refrigerator! It is also unbeatable for freezing. We also offer a bulk rate for ten or more dozen, so call ahead to order.


When it’s ready, you will be able to find our delicious sweet corn for sale at our roadside stand in Elizabeth, MN (at the General Store gas station.)

Come and say “hi,” we love to visit with our customers!!

Watch Facebook and Instagram to see when each of our batches of corn is ready for sale!


Check out this antique 4-row planter! This is how we plant all of our sweet corn… Goose & Bean’s grandpa (aka Bumpa) remembers using this planter as a boy with HIS father, and we are very proud to be able to put it to use every season! It is pulled by a restored 1958 John Deere 620, which was a project undergone by Bumpa and Pat, 20 years ago.

Keep an eye out for the 620 at your local parades this summer! We use it to pull a kettle corn filled wagon.