We made the decision to embark on this journey after I (aka the mother of Mother, Goose & Bean’s) had returned home from a weekend trip to Wisconsin in 2010. It became clear to us that our area had no pumpkin stands or businesses that offered FUN and UNIQUE pumpkins… I had just driven home with a trunk FULL of creative pumpkins because I had never seen such ones before!

Surely, I couldn’t be the only person to find this produce “so ugly and weird that it’s COOL,” could I?

That’s how it started. The seed had been planted.

As time went on, we continued on with our life. In the late spring, Pat popped the question (I said YES), and we were married in the fall of 2011. There wasn’t much time wasted before we learned that we were expecting our first baby!!! God sure has a sense of humor because halfway through our pregnancy, we found out our bundle of joy was actually TWO little bundles!!!!

Buckle up, Dillons!

We welcomed identical girls–healthy as can be and full of personality. One was nicknamed Goose, and one was nicknamed Bean.

We were so blessed!

To say 2012 and 2013 were whirlwind years would be a gross understatement. Life seemed to have hit us hard and fast… and that fit us well. We rolled with it. We learned how well we work as a team. We learned how to juggle what was important in our lives, and we let go of things that were not.

In the months following our daughters’ 1st birthday, we began talking about their future and the finances it would take to create the life we wanted to give them. It didn’t take long for us to come back to that original idea: pumpkins.

So, in the spring of 2014, we took the leap. We planted seeds. We hoped and prayed something would grow. Boy, oh boy, did they GROW! And then, when September came, we hoped that people would come take a peek at our pumpkins.

Boy, oh boy, did they COME!

We decided to commit to our original plan and have all of the proceeds from our sales go into a Future Fund for our daughters. This still holds true today, and we are excited to be able to teach/show them what hard work, dedication, and service can result in.

We have since had our 3rd baby—another girl! Our daughters are by our side for almost every step of the process. Their favorite thing, by far, is to be in the tractor. They experience the planting and the picking and sales (so long as it isn’t nap time.)

We look forward to serving this area in the years to come.

We want to thank you very much for your interest in our little side business for our daughters!